Redefining sound, Melotika is an electro pop artist. Born and raised in Montreal, singer/songwriter Melotika moved to Toronto to pursue music further after the completion of a music production and sound design program. She fuses rich and smoky vocals over sultry electro beats.

Melotika shines with authenticity and musical prowess. Melotika is the alter ego of Mel Yelle, a multi-faceted artist based in Toronto. She blends indie alternative sound design with what she calls "smart pop". She crafts infectious, dance-able tunes. Her songs stay with you because of their rapid spit fire musical style coupled with assured lyrics. She does not shy away from speaking her mind about personal topics. "Don't Believe (You Speak)" touches on breaking free from emotional abuse. "Bittersweet Reality," a tune off her debut EP “Unaware” features cool synths set to a hypnotic dance wave-dance beat. Mel's vocals have a sense of bitter resignation as she sings about the conflict between our reality and the self-image we project to the world.

Her latest drop, the empowering "Joy Ride," sets her into a light hearted funky new territory. She tells us “The brand new single ‘Joy Ride’ is meant to be creative, strange and wild. It is an avant-garde composition blending the genres of pop rock and industrial music. Overall, the song is about conquering being an outsider and being different.”

Melotika knows how to throw her own dance party. Keep up with this dirty blonde haired force with a solid musical style designed to bring the listener with her on a journey.

”As Melotika evokes confidence through heart-rending pivot points, she draws your attention less to the melody than to the rhythm, a gentle tide beneath her words. The more directly she composes her thoughts, the fuller the music becomes

"She has a unique sound that combines the elements of indie pop and 80s synth. Similar to the sound of Marina and the Diamonds, she brings playful but don’t mess with me feeling to the listener. The production of the track is great using echoes and reverb in all the right places."

-BuzzMusic LA

"You have great talent. You possess the power and purity of Madonna in the 80's. Wow I honestly can say you have a really good chance at hitting it big time".
-Facebook fan

“Super talented up and coming artist! I love her sound and style. “
-Instagram fan